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Hi! I'm Casie, a Certified Career Coach that helps people (finally!) move abroad. It is my soul-smiling work to guide you to find, well... your  soul-smiling work. That gives you your dream life.  On your own terms.


So many people in this world are stuck. Stuck in jobs they hate. Stuck in a life that society has prescribed for them. Stuck asking themself  "IS THIS IT"?

Well friends, I have good news. IT'S NOT. There's much, much, much more, and it's waiting for you at your doorstep to grab it.


What happens when you challenge society’s norms, dare to dream, and then go for it? That’s what we work on together.


I help people seize the life of freedom and adventure they dream of by becoming digital nomads, or moving abroad as expats. I can help you find what really want in your career and life, and then go get it - through clarity, a reframed mindset and an action plan. The best part? It all happens in just 90 days.

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When I graduated from college with my shiny Journalism degree from Penn State University back in 2014, I knew I didn’t want to settle into a corporate job that would carry me for the next 30+ years of my life. I wanted adventure. I wanted to see the world. I wanted to learn a new language. I wanted to travel and experience life abroad. I wanted to LIVE. 


So, that’s exactly what I did. I got a job with the Spanish Ministry of Education as an English Teacher, started up a travel blog to put my journalism degree to work, booked a one-way ticket to Spain, and off I moved to a tiny Spanish village to teach English. 


That decision changed the trajectory of my life forever.


I ended up staying in Spain for three years, where I grew my travel blog to gain national notoriety, started writing for the Spain Tourism Board and El Pais (the Spanish national newspaper,) and became the face of the Spanish Ministry of Education’s teaching program. I was livin’ my dream.


I was then craving a new international adventure, so I said “if I can make it here, I can make it in Asia!”. So I packed up my travel blog, and booked it to Vietnam to follow the same formula. 


Alongside my blog, I started teaching a corporate English class for a tech company in Vietnam. 


And that’s when it hit me.


Up to that point, I had no idea what I wanted with my career. I loved teaching, but I didn’t want to be a teacher. I loved writing, but didn’t want to be a writer. 

When I started teaching English to Vietnamese tech employees, I realized that they already had the English skills they needed. They knew all the grammar and vocab. But they didn’t have the confidence, nor the cross-cultural communication skills.

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Master Certified Life Coach (M.C.L.C.)

 Certified Life Coach Institute 

So, I evolved the curriculum to focus less on verb conjugations, and more on confidence building and cross-cultural understanding.


The evolution I saw in my students was like night and day. 


And that’s when it hit me. I wanted to become a Cross-Cultural Communication Coach (yes, that’s a thing!).

But what the hell does that look like as a career? My research sucked the ‘OMG THIS IS IT’ excitement right outta me. There wasn’t a clear career path, and certainly no job postings for it. I took that as a “this isn’t a viable career path”. 


So, I decided to “get serious” and trade in my international adventure for a 9-5 tech job, moved to San Francisco, and began my job search.


I did everything in my power to successfully land my dream job as a Community Manager for MasterClass, was promoted twice in my four years there, and was climbing up the corporate ladder at lightning speed.


Meanwhile, I knew in my heart of hearts that I always was to be a coach. I used my development stipend to become a Certified Life Coach, and proceeded to tuck it away deep in my junk closet to “stay on track” with my corporate career. 


“I’ll become a coach when I retire,” I said.


And as the universe will have it, I then got an epic job offer to head up Community at a small coaching startup. I took it.


And 6 months later, I got laid off.


It felt like a big fat slap in the face from the Universe, yelling “WAKE UP KID! You’ve got a passion to pursue.”


I heard our friend "the Universe" loud and clear. It dawned on me: if not now, then when?


I launched my coaching business, moved to my favorite city in the world Mexico City with my fiance, and got back to business crafting my dream career - and life. 


I have never felt more deeply aligned with where I’m at. I’m doing the work I love, in the city I love, with the person I love.


It is my soul-smiling passion to combine my coaching expertise with my real-world experience climbing the corporate tech world, successfully transitioning careers multiple times, pursuing my entrepreneurial dreams, and living around the world - 


To help you compass your dream career - to enable you to live the life you love. 



Angela Willoughby, Delaware

"Simply put, Casie changed my life.  I realized I was stuck in a pattern of toxic thoughts and Casie guided me on the path to break these cycles and gain more self worth. With her powerful coaching and my newfound confidence, I’m now able to approach both my relationships and career with a sense of calm and clarity."

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